Thursday, November 15, 2007

[my] A-checklist

Law of Attraction (in no particular order)

_x_ chinky eyes matching his captivating smile
_x_ La Sallian achiever
_x_ maganda manamit/ magaling magdala
_x_ CPA
_x_ witty/ intelligent
_x_ drives his own car
_x_ Batangueno
_x_ athlete
_x_ 6-packer and/or has nice physique
___ traveller
___ spoiler

The Fall (you can only proceed to the next item if current item is met)

___ bachelor
___ fears God
___ Roman Catholic
___ family man
___ has a stable work
___ has decent savings
___ faithful
___ prays (dreams) and works
___ generous
___ responsible

I'm attracted but I can't fall. He's no longer bachelor.

So there, my dream guy is no longer available, I may as well be single forever. Amen.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10

November 10

November 10

November 10

Thursday nun, Saturday na ngayon.

November 10

Friday, November 09, 2007

secret glances

I came in the room, and just like breathing, I searched your way. Bubbly, I walked down our place.
I really like it when you take notice when I arrive, though it will still take time before this notice turn to smile.

A typical day ahead, I know, but your presence gives it a zest. The feeble glances, oooh, this is so exciting. My day will be stiff if I aint see you, hear you.

But life as we know goes around.

Just as you're my sun, you can be also my destructive sea. After painting my town red, you'd just wash my heart away, exit without any a do. I hate it when you do it and I hope you won't ever again.

When we glance, I hope time will stop there. Just there. Then no one is left behind.

let's play name association

(Domini's version)

blind. two degrees high. free lunch. Avalon. short shorts. passenger seat. USB cable. apple. athlete. kisses. st miguel. tucked. JS. mug. seagull. Dagupan. love triangle. model. real estate. ice machine. tupperware. smiley. green. senior. Winny. wacky pics. jargons. Chinese. cheesy. advice and rooms. barong tagalog.

more clues? pucha... I'll think harder.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

favoritism. rejection. isolation.

My three most hated words.
And my weaknesses.

Ang sakin lang, "Do unto others what you want others do unto you."

Sadly, though most of us do not intend to cause such feelings, some people are simply magnets of these kawawa feelings. And I think I'm one of them.

Ano ba naman kung hindi ka nabigyan ng candies nung mga nag-distribute ng mga pasalubong? Meron ka namang Pizza and Veggie sticks ah...

Ano ba naman kung wala kang Pogi and Pegi, it's their prerogative who'll receive and who will not.

At ano ba naman kung hindi ka niyayang sumama kumain kahit pa lahat ng katabi mo niyaya?

Naiinis ako sa sarili ko for after living for 20 years now, I haven't mastered still the saying "You cannot please everybody" or the one that says "Not everyone can like/love you."


That's my shortcoming. I keep on comparing despite my million readings of "how to be happy and stay happy". Despite all my sour graping and counter-reasonings for those "ano ba naman", my heart won't appease, my soul won't be lifted.

Sigh. I wish I can be numb in times like this.

Monday, November 05, 2007

the Xmas breeze

Finally, I felt them.

After months of anticipating, days of longing..........

The hanging habagat has truly arrived in our town, grazed in the long Washington St of Greenhills.

Lorelie Gilmore and I share this particular anticipation on the signs leading to the word/event "Christmas." While she strolls around the Stars Hollow town during the first snow night, I on the other side of the world (on the streets of Greenhills), spreads both my arms and gushes on the cool feeling of the breeze on my skin. I so love this holiday season and this hanging habagat is just one of these wonderful tingling presents showcased by the season. Soon there'll be Christmas lights all over the nation, twinkling and bringing joy in my senses, not to mention Christmas songs in the background!

Everybody will be in their most cheerful moods, kindest smiles and gestures... lalalalalalala...


a special treat

This post calls for a special treatment since this is my 100th. O di ba, ang saya, nakaka-isang daan na ako since my first mukmok...

And what's more special than dedicating this special post to a very special person in this world..

ALL THE MOMS IN THE WORLD. Your mom, my Nanay.

"I also believe that parents, if they love you, will hold you up safely, above their swirling waters, and sometimes that means you'll never know what they endured, and you may treat them unkindly, in a way you otherwise wouldn't.

I was inspired by Mitch Albom's For One More Day.

To give you a bird's eye-view of the book, here is what James McBride shares (got it from the back of the book): "If you had the chance, just one chance, to go back and fix what you did wrong in life, would you take it? And if you did, would you big enough to stand it? ... For One More Day will make you smile. It will make wistful. It will make you blink back tears of nostalgia. But most of all, it will make you believe in the eternal power of a mother's love."

Hehe, ang tamad no? Well, this is not a book review after all kaya walang pakialaman... ~~,

So, how close are you with your mom? How is your relationship with your mom?

I'll share you stories how I feel for my Nanay.

When my younger sister was born, I was four years old then, my Lolo took me to the province so Nanay will not have take care of me too and she will just have my sister to focus on. And so she can rest as well. On my first night, everybody in my Lolo's house didn't have a good night sleep. I kept on crying the whole night looking for my Nanay. I swear, the noise of my nose blowing and searching turned my angelic Ninang to a horrible beast.

On my early highschool years, my Nanay was diagnosed to have a not-so-benign cyst so she was confined and had to undergo several treatments. I remember well that it was Holy week time and while my brother and sisters were sent to our grandparents, I stayed in the hospital, with my Nanay. I run errands for her, keep her company, taga-abot ng bed pan... I endured the freezing airconditioning of her room just to be on her side.

You see, I was an achiever during my school years and I was always included in my school's recognition ceremonies. So as my Nanay. She never failed to attend these ceremonies. And so I cried discreetly (discreetly enough for the crowd to notice how red my eyes are and how my nose won't stop running) when on this one particular year she came late and I was called even before she arrives. My Kuya went up with me on the stage instead.

One of my favorite days in this world was when Nanay and I went to Visayas. Just the two of us. It was my first time to go there (I'm obsessed with travelling to places that are not in Luzon) and it was also then when I rode the plane all by myself (the flight attendants then were really cute! Nakatatak na sa utak ko yun). We've been to Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras on that particular trip. We talked under the beautiful moon and in front us is the serene and lovely sea of Guimaras. We ate genuine Chicken Bacolod, La Paz Batchoy, and Guimaras mangoes. We rode their jeepneys and said "lugar lang" to signal the driver we're going down. Everything was so memorable! And being with my Nanay made it all special... sa dami naming magkakapatid, minsan ko lang ma-solo Nanay ko.

Few years ago, my Nanay had something really bad to deal with. The sensitivity of the issue made me her only confidante. And I'm really glad she did. Though I'd rather not hear the gory details (seriously), I endured these and tried to be the best PWET she can have (aka labasan ng sama ng loob). Basta para sa kanya, I can bear it all. At syet, my Nanay doesn't deserve what she had experienced! When my Nanay cried at me sa phone (I was in Makati then while she was in Lucena), umiyak din ako--hagulgol pa. She asked me why I'm crying and I said "Kaw kasi e, umiiyak ka... wag ka na umiyak Nanay." I can't stand to see my Nanay suffering. Saktan na nila ako, wag lang Nanay ko...

Sadly, there are still people who take their mothers for granted. They'll only appreciate their mothers once they're gone. I may not understand why they are like that (maybe I'm very fortunate for God blessed me the greatest mother one can have) but I hope that while it is not yet too late, they'd show their mothers the love they need, the respect and care they rightfully deserve. Damn those people who leave their parents in the care of "home for the aged"... those who swear at dinadamay pa mga Nanay. (Sensitive talaga ako pag may Nanay nang involved.)

Saludo ako sayo Nanay. Words are not enough...actually, this blog is not enough to tell you how grateful I am to have you... love you Nanay!