Tuesday, November 06, 2007

favoritism. rejection. isolation.

My three most hated words.
And my weaknesses.

Ang sakin lang, "Do unto others what you want others do unto you."

Sadly, though most of us do not intend to cause such feelings, some people are simply magnets of these kawawa feelings. And I think I'm one of them.

Ano ba naman kung hindi ka nabigyan ng candies nung mga nag-distribute ng mga pasalubong? Meron ka namang Pizza and Veggie sticks ah...

Ano ba naman kung wala kang Pogi and Pegi, it's their prerogative who'll receive and who will not.

At ano ba naman kung hindi ka niyayang sumama kumain kahit pa lahat ng katabi mo niyaya?

Naiinis ako sa sarili ko for after living for 20 years now, I haven't mastered still the saying "You cannot please everybody" or the one that says "Not everyone can like/love you."


That's my shortcoming. I keep on comparing despite my million readings of "how to be happy and stay happy". Despite all my sour graping and counter-reasonings for those "ano ba naman", my heart won't appease, my soul won't be lifted.

Sigh. I wish I can be numb in times like this.


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