Thursday, August 30, 2007

I want a NEW LIFE

Being a CPA, a tax assistant is HONORABLE
...a love poet is ROMANTIC
...a cheerdancer is GRACEFUL.


my answer would be a solid YES?

I don't like my work. It's been three months now! Grrr...
Yeah, it's an insult. Nevertheless, I will not yet go for Fortune Tobacco Co. My firm should really be grateful to have someone like me...

committed to my profession, dedicated to the firm's vision and mission, hard-working, no nonsense staff, TRY ME.

Hehe, enough of those pagbubuhat. Let's go to the main point.

I love being a Tax assistant, but I don't want it anymore if it's description is similar to being a printer. Being an accountant/ tax specialist is my passion, same with being a writer but never a printer. I have no problem with my financials, but if my spontaneity kicks in, even a small time contributor in a tabloid won't mind me.

Love poet. Oh come on. I may throw up anytime, really. I realized, I'm always depressed when this subject is involved. So why stick to it? From now on, I'll focus on life... shocks, this is depressing too! On sports na nga lang... basta, no more depressing topics. I choose to be happy.

Cheerdancer. OMG. This is humiliating. How can I ever think I'm good at dancing? I suck. If I can't sing and now I can't dance as well... what does my future hold for me? Reading poems doesn't count here; you can't actually recite poems in social gatherings nowadays, especially when your in Philippines. That's suicide. Haha. Imagine reciting poems in your firm's Christmas party as a presentation. Bite me. I guess I'll settle in the background... be a part of the committees. I'm good on organizing, just so you know.


a life that celebrates life...
a life that looks on the bright side...
a life that cherishes God's greatness.


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