Tuesday, July 24, 2007

in lieu of Essay about Me, question and answer nalang.

1. Call me-
Domini. If you feel it's still long, fine, just call me Nikki.

2. What color of jeans are you wearing right now?
No jeans. I'm in a corporate suit. Ibang level na ata to.

3. What Are You Listening To Right now?
Stolen by Dashboard Confession.

4. What Was The Last Thing You Ate?
Broas. We're not supposed to eat in our work areas but I can't leave my desk so... yaan mo na!

5. Do You Believe In Karma?
Yup. Kung anong tinanim mo, yun ang aanihin mo.

6. If You Were A Crayon, what colorwould you be?
I would be... pink. Para kikay!

7. How Is The Weather Right Now?
It seems burning hot outside.

8. Last Person You Talked To On ThePhone?
Miss Chace, my senior. Hehe, I'm doing real work now. Weeh!

9. Do You Like The Person Who Sent YouThis?
Yeah, sort of.

10. How Are You Today?
I'm a bit down because of someone who wants everything to be certain muna before anything, which I find impossible and he sucks.

11. Favorite Drink?
Mango juice, either ripe or not, as long as it's fresh.

12. Favorite coffee drink?
The typical coffee-- with sugar and cream, not so hot but not room temperature.

13. Favorite Sports
Soccer! Well, I enjoy cheerdancing as well. (watching) Basketball. heheh!

14. Hair Color?
Black which turns brown when I'm under the sun. Boring.

15. Eye Color?
Black parin. But it lightened when my grade shoot up.

16. Favorite Band?
"Sino pang hinahanap mo, nandito lang naman ako" -- Bloomsfield.

17. Favorite Actor & Actress?
Johnny Depp (yummy :D) and Anne Hathaway. Also Mandy Moore.

18. Favorite Months?
December and January.

19. Favorite Food?
Pasta and pizza, Japanese, good ol' Filipino viands

20. Last Movie You Watched?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Duh, papahuli ba naman ako?

21. Favorite Day of the Year?
December 31

22. What Was Your Favorite Toy As AChild?
The garage wall, my mom's chalks, English grammar book and my very eager students: my dolls.

23. Summer or Winter?
Summer. Ginawin ako e! And I like wearing little clothings, obviously, I can't wear them when it's winter.

24. Hugs Or Kisses?
Mas masarap yung hug. It requires more energy and involves more body parts. ;)

25. Chocolate Or Vanilla?
Chocolate! San ka pa!

26. What Is Under Your Bed?
Nothing. Little dust siguro.

27. Favourite song?
Kaibigan, yung kinakanta sa church. ;)

29. What Did You Do Yesterday?
Read more tax related articles and cheerdanced till my body's numb with pain.

28. Favorite Scent?
Dolce and Gabanna's Light Blue

29. Who Inspires You?
My family and friends. The thought of peace, love and faith. (yun yun e!)

30. What Are You Afraid Of?
Rejection, failure.

31. Plain, Buttered Or Salted Popcorn?

32. Favorite Flower?
Ahm, if I'd grow one, I'd love orchids. Calachuchi's the best if I'd have a garden. But if I'll be given, I'll go for roses. Nothing beats them.

33. Number Of Keys On Your Key Ring?
Three. For our gate, door and my cabinet.

34. Favorite Days Of The Week?
Sunday because it's our family day. Friday because it will be weekend the next day and it's my Gilmore Girls's night.


At Wednesday, July 25, 2007 12:58:00 pm, Blogger cRazY_kRis said...

ouch nman ung #10 s knya...

At Thursday, July 26, 2007 11:29:00 am, Blogger -d0mini- said...

hehe, o well, he will never see this naman. may idea ka who's this?


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