Wednesday, July 11, 2007

being a CPA

Wow. I've been inactive for months again. This time it has been three.

And there are a lot of new things going on now with me, with my friends, with the Philippines.

Let me start off with the Philippines.

We have a new set of local officers and 12 new senators. The election was a total circus (is that new?), though I admit, I think Filipino voters are wiser now, even if for a few points only. Atleast the slogan "Pangarap kong tuparin ang pangarap niyo" didn't sell --I would have jumped from my work space if it did-- and the incompetent stars shoot down from their wishful endeavors. Seriously, they could start off with somewhere basic, not directly in the Senate. The nerves. Honasan and Trillanes's victories disappointed me though. What were the Filipino voters really thinking? I would like to think that these two won because of the "GO" votes, but not individually. For if it is otherwise, arg! Do they really think that these two monkeys can contribute better than Zubiri and Recto? Oh come on! I'm afraid that with these two, ther would be more distabilization and circus events in the political arena. I do hope they would put the Philippines's welfare first, with their personal/vengeance motives behind, if not totally quashed.

There have been also several new appointments now in selected government agencies, which I cannot enumerate for my lack of awareness too. I just heard some and my attention is geared somewhere else so I didn't bother to take their names and agencies. The hell, politics makes me indifferent.

The weather has been changing too frequently now too. In the morning, you'd even feel the sun rays on your cheeks and would trigger your brain cells to send "It would be a fine, clear day" feeling. But after your bus ride to Makati, you'd notice that the sky is gray and the sun rays are gone by then.

Next are with my friends.

Amazingly, I have a surprising number of circle of friends now. As much as I want to integrate these little circles to just one big circle, it's a bit complicated, not to mention head-cracking. Maybe in time, this wish will come true though.

I can say my friend portfolio is really diverse. And I'm happy with it. I learn everyday from all these people. So anyway, what changes took effect among them?

One apparent change that concerns me is they're more open to me now, warmer. This, I translate to I've earned their trust. And who wouldn't be happy to that? So to you friends, who trust me, thank you. I assure you this trust will forever be taken care of. Likewise, equally fulfilling change is when you're no longer the only one who chats and chats in the group. The other shares their own lives as well.

Second, they have more money in their wallets now. It's easier to invite them to movies, night-outs, and other expensive activities. Being older (or college graduate) also eases these plannings.

Last that I'll mention but not necessarily the last change that happened is my friends are


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