Wednesday, March 07, 2007

random thoughts on my graduation

Little efforts weigh a thousand smiles
- on Bro. President Armin's effort to bring a KODIKO to greet us personally

Under promises and overdelivery as Sir Liongson once shared delight your customers
- on the time the graduation ceremony ended

I'll always be proud to be a Filipino. And I chose to be that generation.
- on Anne Lorraine Ng's challenge

I'm torn between being obedient or wise.
- on whether to bring a bag for my belongings or not

Why is it easier to be impatient with your parents than with anyone else?
- on my waiting on that grand stairs

I don't know one can have a major surgical operation without one knowing himself
- on someone's physical appearance

I'm in love with his eyes.
- on seeing him with his parents

His standards hurt me and I just let him to that.
- on someone's snide comment to me

Sarap, sarap, saraaaaaaaaap!
- on Aristocrat's chicken barbecue meal with Java rice


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