Sunday, April 08, 2007

trivial question ii

Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?

Seriously, can’t I have more imperative question to ponder for today? Like, what implicit rate do you use when you’re asked for the impairment loss of an available-for-sale investment? Or how desperate is Ducat on our dwindling government that he actually risked his freedom? Or when will our politicians finally swap the word power and money in their dictionary with selflessness? Pakshet. I’m stuck with the most relevant question, and that is the one above this paragraph.
Bakit nga ba? I don’t know! Why ask me? Ask my pet. Or my prince. Or the devoted. I know I’m not perfect and sometimes I can really be demanding but I do have some good points as well right? Someone also told me that he’s intimidated to wise women; they’re fun to talk to but over qualified for their ego. But we’re talking of someone else here so this does not apply to me directly. I have a feeling I’m also wise and this could somehow apply to me in some circumstances. Hehe… maybe it’s best if you would tell me why.


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