Saturday, March 24, 2007

past write ups

Call them products of creative juices or trash, I don't care. Dakilang layunin ko ang mang-ubos ng tinta at papel.

November 28, 2006---------------------------------

Sayang, the sky didn't agree with me
Didn't even bother to take a look
Last na nga to after that long break
Yet didn't shower me with the joy I wished.
What's wrong with me?
If I really deserve nothing, why am I even here?
I asked for a little luck
I got hacked.
I asked for a little attention
I got rejection.


January 25, 2007----------------------------------

The dream I saw in the darkness
Woke me up, made me look far
Then it pushed me out my bed
And whispered peace in my ears.

Though the sky drew threatening
It won't stop my heart pump hope
Even when the wind played hard
I kept my feet going on

For the apple remained clear
And now the dusk creeps black
I'm near, almost on the line
I've never been this joyous

Soon I'm reciting my oath.


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