Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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HEAT: The Team to Beat
August 7, 2007

Makati City – Pio del Pilar court roared with Sir Jun “The Manager” Meneses’s loud howls and growls as he cheered for the Red Heat during last night’s volleyball game.

Competing against the Wellow Yizards, the blazing Red Team finished the game expeditiously with just two sets. Not even the strong blows of Chedeng could have put out the flame of the powerhouse team led my Ms. Smile “The Champ” Mendoza and Ms Roselle “The MVP” Yu.

“Wow, tapik pa lang yun, score na kagad,” exclaimed Walter “The Dragon” Fegi, who came as Sir Jun’s assistant cheerleader.

“We are just warming up. Hintayin niyo ako bumalik sa court”, warned Eileen “The Counter” Chavez. She was injured in their last game, enough to cripple the whole team.

The locals who came despite the downpour were all heat up as well; their cheers of “Gu Heat!” were extremely laudable and contagious.

Scores were 25-5 and 25-11.

2007 Sportsfest Kicked Off
July 28, 2007

San Juan City – The PwC crowd half-filled the San Juan Gymnasium last July 28, 2007 for the opening ceremony of this year’s sports event. This is in parallel to the firm’s Work/Life balance program that encourages everyone to have a meaningful life that’s not only about meeting deadlines and satisfying clients but also sweating your hearts out.

Hosted by you-know-who-coz-I-don't, the ceremony began with an inspiring prayer and singing of National Anthem. The parade and oath-taking of participants proceeded afterwards. The event was then formally opened by our very own Tax Managing Partner, Mr. Alex Cabrera, with his booming words of “Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!”

The Search for Ms. Sportsfest showcased five sporty ladies in their own favorite sports attire. Heat’s bet Alpha “The Body” Marasigan jumped and egg-rolled instead of doing catwalks while Marla “The Arms” Calaquian of the Greenfyndors shot a basketball from the half court. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t see Cavalier’s Sarah “The Legs” Eraña, who came in her ruffles-inspired ballerina outfit, point her toes and Penny “The Hips” Chua of O-Rangers do some spiking or tossing. Wizard’s Jilliane “The Hair” Chua brought home the title after her enlightening answer to the judges’ unusual but very relevant question about having 4 strands of hair.

The day heightened come the Cheering Competition. Crowds yelled and went wild upon seeing their cheerleaders dance, fly and enjoy themselves. The Red Heat and Wellow Yizards bowed down to the Blue Cavaliers making them the unbeatable champions in the competition for two years now. Their shinny and skinny pants surely did the trick.

The Wellow team had its vengeance against the Blue team when it crashed its opponent in both female’s basketball exhibition game and male’s basketball game. Scores were 27-16 and 44-43 respectively.


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