Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Replies to Queries

Describe yourself at age 90.
I am in a serene place sitting in a rocking chair, listening to the chirps of the birds around me and enjoying the cool breeze touching my face and body. This is before the nth family gathering of the year.

If I could, I would dress like…
A Victoria’s Secret Model.

What’s the most important sound to you?
It would be my parents’ voices.

What skill or talent would you like to learn if you had all the resources and time in the world?
Ice skating and playing the piano; these are my frustrations.

Describe the worst nightmare you could ever have (real or not).
Hmm, my worst nightmare would be losing the people whom I love most.

Who is the most beautiful person in the world for you?
My mother is the first person that came in my mind.

What are the usual contents of your bag?
Bus tickets, no doubt! My necessities will include my wallet and phones of course, and last but not the least, tissue.

If at the snap of your fingers, any one of the world’s problems could be solved, which problem would you choose to rid the world of?
I’d choose selfishness.

What thing would you like to try but you are afraid of?
Study in
abroad. Have a boyfriend.

If you had to live far away from civilization for one year, and could bring only one 1 item, what would it be? (take note: no electricity available)
I’ll bring a new pen.

Name any city in the world you would like to get lost in.
I’d like to get lost in any European city.

One day, you suddenly woke up and found that you are a Hollywood celebrity. What is the first thing you will do?
Get back to sleep. I am financially free and time free by then so I’d just relax.

A machine you invented can increase the size of anything by 100x its original size. What will you place inside the machine?
My room, or my bed. :D

For you, what is the most important thing in life that money can’t buy?

What do you most often dream about?
Usually my dreams are related to my actual experiences but weirder of course. And since my life revolves around my family and friends then my dreams always involve them.

Who was your ideal body type?
Jessica Alba

If you could spend parts of the year in another city, what city would it be?
Any Asean city, probably. Or in Palau or Vatican.

What is the current theme song of your life?
Tumatakbo by Mojofly

If you could write out the rest of your life (and it would come true), what would happen for the rest of the year?
I’ll be satisfied with my work, more enthusiastic with my undiscovered wonders of taxation, closer with my officemates and more generous to the people I love.

To be more specific, hmmm, I’ll be really sporty and physically fit. I’d gain 2 pounds at most and be merrier with my life. I’d give what is due from me to my beneficiaries and go out-of-town (as far as Mindanao or Vigan). I’ll tour Subic with PWC friends and celebrate my birthday with the Lolos and Lolas of Tahanan ni Maria. I’ll have pajama party on December, a night out on Halloween and on September 21. My Christmas and New Year will be as wonderful as last year’s. Maybe I can do something with my love life, too. I'd have a Starbucks session with my Sbux friends!

If you were a poet, what would your poems be mostly about?
Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, my poems are usually about the pains that come with loving, aka pagkabigo.

How I wish I could say that I discovered (or will discover)…
The technique to plant rice that will cost less and earn the interest of dedicated investors that will eventually help Philippines develop its fullest potential.

You know you’ve made it when…
The evidence of my success is apparent and my heart feels bloated with gratitude.

Best advice you’ve ever got
"Risk co-exists with opportunities:
If you don't go after what you want, somebody else will.
If you don't ask, then you'll never know.
If you don't step forward, you will always be in the same place.

Only those who risk can tell how far they can go."

What machine or household appliance can most represent you?
A radio will do. I want to influence people. I know TV will be a better medium but I don't like being the center of attention nor being goggled at and so a radio will be best.

Relate your most nerve-wracking experience.
---still thinking---

What (or who) makes you smile?
Good (wacky) memories with the people I love, my own bloopers/naiveté, from-the-bottom-of-the-heart, written letters, text brigades of PCD, family gatherings, Sbux sessions

What surprise would you like to receive at least once in your life?
I’ve been thinking…
A worry-free get-away that requires long hours of driving, an overnight stay in a decent place, a memorable dinner and to top things, a touch of romanticism to this excursion.

What TV character can you easily portray?
Uh, I’m not an actress but maybe I can easily get with a supporting role to the protagonist.

What’s your favorite smell?
Calachuchi flowers in the neighbor. Equally loved is the smell of the new-born baby in the house.

Name your top 3 phobias.
Fear of rejection, disappointment, being unloved.

Pick your most favored place to live in: forest, desert, beach, mountain top or sea.
Beach! Madaming 6-packers dun. Hehe!

If Jesus appeared beside you, what’s the first thing you will say to him?
“Hi Jesus, thank you. Please take me with you.”

Which of these would you DO (if you really had to)
Skydive – the easiest way to die.
Walk on live coals
Sing on national TV
Join a Miss Universe or a Mr. Body Beautiful contest
Join a reality TV show


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