Monday, October 22, 2007

A Walk To Remember

(the non-romantic version)

The memory of last Friday night's walkathon is still fresh to me.

In fact, the soreness of my lower limbs up to this moment makes it really memorable.


The whole nation grumbled at the news that Glorietta 2, one of those catalysts of the "mall culture" of Filipinos, was bombed (initial report was it was caused by an LPG) and their were atleast three casualties. Being meters away from the site, the incident didn't affect the business operations of PwC much; nor did I really care what's happening there. (I wasn't aware yet how grave it was since all I got were hear-says and etc.) It dawned to me the criticality of the issue when it was time to go home: the traffic must be horrible. After all, it's Friday night.

OK, the incident got in my nerves when I received a call several messages from my Father, friends and kins asking me how I am and that I should be very vigilant with the bus I'll take and so on. Malma and I have already set our night: we are going to stroll and maximize the sale event in Megamall. But because of the precautions and a million "DO NOT STROLL" from the authorities, we conceded and we decided to just go home straight from work. And sabay-sabay na kaming mag-e-MRT. (You'll feel safer with your friends around. Atleast if a bomb do explode, you're not alone shouting for help and praying)

Since we were recharged by the Chicken Spaghetti of our friendly neighbor bee, Malma, Chaei and I were all game to flex our legs and just walk towards the MRT station. We have to check the availability of this "Sparkling" magazine as well in Powerbooks rin naman so walking is an acceptable deed. A nice and long chat is anticipated in this plan too. Bonding time!

After 3 hours from leaving Jolibee and setting to Powerbooks, Malma and I found ourselves still walking and read this: we've sauntered in four shopping malls despite the mall-bombing incident that just happened hours ago and a million "DO NOT STROLL" advices. We left Chaei in the MRT train in case your wondering where is she in the picture now. We didn't really plan this. In fact, we have dropped our Megamall Sale Hunt after those calls; it is just because of this particular magazine that has a very noble purpose for a group of EK wishers that kept us walking for hours.

The severity of our muscle pain? I don't mind it. It's Friday night! Hindi ka umuuwi ng maaga sa araw na to...inuumaga ka pa nga dapat e.

And I treasure all these friendly exchanges... whatever our subjects were, I'm uber happy to share a night with a friend, just chatting and knowing each other deeper...


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