Saturday, March 24, 2007

past write ups

Call them products of creative juices or trash, I don't care. Dakilang layunin ko ang mang-ubos ng tinta at papel.

November 28, 2006---------------------------------

Sayang, the sky didn't agree with me
Didn't even bother to take a look
Last na nga to after that long break
Yet didn't shower me with the joy I wished.
What's wrong with me?
If I really deserve nothing, why am I even here?
I asked for a little luck
I got hacked.
I asked for a little attention
I got rejection.


January 25, 2007----------------------------------

The dream I saw in the darkness
Woke me up, made me look far
Then it pushed me out my bed
And whispered peace in my ears.

Though the sky drew threatening
It won't stop my heart pump hope
Even when the wind played hard
I kept my feet going on

For the apple remained clear
And now the dusk creeps black
I'm near, almost on the line
I've never been this joyous

Soon I'm reciting my oath.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

blog lag

my blog has been inactive
my handouts have been doodle-free
my stomach acids gone normal
even my smile is no longer picture-perfect.

been wondering if you're sleeping well
or atleast you still see me in closed eyes
i'll never know what to say
but i wouldn't wish any proofreading

if we're all waiting in a corner
so be it then, i'll do
but never will i stop whispering
until that candle ran out of wax to cry.

random thoughts on my graduation

Little efforts weigh a thousand smiles
- on Bro. President Armin's effort to bring a KODIKO to greet us personally

Under promises and overdelivery as Sir Liongson once shared delight your customers
- on the time the graduation ceremony ended

I'll always be proud to be a Filipino. And I chose to be that generation.
- on Anne Lorraine Ng's challenge

I'm torn between being obedient or wise.
- on whether to bring a bag for my belongings or not

Why is it easier to be impatient with your parents than with anyone else?
- on my waiting on that grand stairs

I don't know one can have a major surgical operation without one knowing himself
- on someone's physical appearance

I'm in love with his eyes.
- on seeing him with his parents

His standards hurt me and I just let him to that.
- on someone's snide comment to me

Sarap, sarap, saraaaaaaaaap!
- on Aristocrat's chicken barbecue meal with Java rice

all this time

I don't know why we all hang on to something we know we're better off letting go.
It's like we're scared to lose what we don't even really have.

Some of us say we'd better have that something than absolutely nothing.

But the truth is:
"To have it halfway is harder than not having it at all."

what they don't know about Virgins

Their voices are beautiful, if not apparent, atleast inside.
When they sing, even birds hum with their hearts.

They live simply, but for all you know
They have this billion-worth immaterial riches.

Their trademark is their well made mani&pedicures
They have this saying that Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

They eat a lot but don't actually gain excessive weight.
Their secret? They share.

They are often caught talking alone.
It's ok, they just love chatting with Him.

They hardly have a green thumb (sorry setti),
But their circulatory system is burning green.

They're often busy with work
Yet surprisingly never do they miss anyone's birthday.

Don't complain if they're too perfectionist.
They only believe that He deserves the best.