Sunday, August 20, 2006

love bug fever 3

lakas-trip volume

cinderella syndrome

i'm confused with my love to charles
who's a true prince charming indeed
eligible, complete with sword and a castle

with a posture's that's dashing through his shining armor
just a flash of his pearly whites
he can easily sweep me off to neverland

but like any other town's girl
he will remain a wish that my heart will forever make
a whole lot galaxy that will never be reached

no prayer nor mantra could answer
even the jinx of red apples won't do
will he come if i prick myself on the spinner's end?

fairy godmother i hope you'd come and visit me
bring a pumpkin for my ride
to his world that's beyond jack's beanstalk

so like ariel who's faced with two seas of happiness
should i commit to our fairy tale love story
or make believe a new tale without him

whatever it is --
there's just another wish i'd sing
i hope this will end happily ever after

long weekend

out from their blue and green utility vans
the robust college boys and girls chilled down
starbucks on theiri left, the right busy with their keypads
they've been crying for this run
a drive towards the south town
miles away from their teachers' rads
cheers for a weekend that's notes-free

a new found glory under the sun
hours to chat and bondeven after dawn
these are what the time offers the young lads
partying until the last drop of fun
hope they didn't just forget the class clown
to guarantee a happy hour flood
i can already hear their speakers full of glee

love bug fever 2

filipino volume

luv ko 'to

hilig mo sa gitara
mga sigaw mong kanta
dagdagan pa ng damba
ako'y sayo na talaga

kailan aayos

hindi tamang ikaw ay mahaling lubos
pag kasama kita pera ko'y nauubos
pati mga luha ko'y 'yong pinabubuhos
higit sa lahat 'kaw ay sadyang maamos

love bug fever 1

melancholic volume


i've turned my back
to one friend i've known for so long
and made myself a rock
to cease what i knew so wrong
yes i'd kill myself with this
but i can't stay in a world without bliss

i stayed up late thinking
only to see no light awaits me
so i stood up shaking
with what i hold dear distant from me
i should end all these soon
i don't want to see the sun set this noon

not a soul would not at mine
will even ask me to face the East
but i refused and went to the line
towards the land of dark mist
of peace i've always endear
there's no reason to be here

sa morge

tahimik at madilim ang aking umaga
walang pagbabago sa mga matang pumungaw
sa aking paghahanap ng liwanag ngayong araw
multo sa sulok sa akin ay bumulaga

nanuyo ang aking labi
tumagaktak mga pawis ng mata
tila kumalembang ang sandaang lata
mistula palang malamig nang labi