Sunday, April 08, 2007

what i can contribute

Elections is coming and sadly, I wouldn't have any part on it. I am not registered; I tried but our city's COMELEC asked me for something only a die hard voter will agree to. And I am not. I can live without voting. You don't expect me to be up my bed even before the sun shines up and be in their office around 5 am, do you?

Over my dead sexy body.

Kidding aside, though I can live without voting, I feel inadequate if I don't have anything to do with this National event. It hurts my individuality. Hehe!

The GMA 7's special awareness campaign, the Isa Kong Boto advertisement, calls Filipinos to be vigilant with their right and vote their heart out for the nation's commonwealth, for everybody's welfare and not only for the few. It's distressing to see the real condition of our lives in between our favorite TV shows, that while I'm watching comfortably in our sala there are innocent people who are crying for justice, disabled and unfortunate but righteous persons who are working their backs real low. The ironies of life... sigh. The advertisement touched me severely and so I reflected on what I can contribute, at least, for this call of unity.

I'm in the edge of my CPA Board exam review (days are now numbered) and while I don't believe that this exam is the most important thing in my life as of the moment, I can't help but feel this way as this will dictate the life I will lead for the next six months. After four years of studying Accountancy, I feel that I'm still incompetent in several areas of it and that is enough to make me indifferent with this national event. Every minute counts. So many things to do, so little time.

After so much serious thinking and weighing, I came up with this:

While I cannot exercise my right of suffrage today, I will use this day to study and fulfill what I am bound to do as a potential and soon work my way out until these visions materialize and my ancestors proud of me.

a trivial question

I’m fully aware that I’m already twenty and having finished my college degree with so-so distinction, I’m more in-charge now of my life compare before when my parents will still have mostly the final say. Now that I’ve accomplished what they want me to prioritize – their only wish we’d attain before anything else – I can’t blame my aunt for her reaction when I said I still have no one to introduce to her yet. For the nth time, I was thrown with this mocking question. Actually that time it was “O siguro naman may boyfriend ka na?” Before it was just plain “May boyfriend ka na?” Now, since she knows my father can no longer object she did bother to update her ever-loving question. Paksyet. Why on earth do I need to have a boyfriend? Hehe, bitter?
Seriously, this constant question has somehow affected my self-esteem. Imagine, a young mind of 14 or 15 being asked such question every time she sees me as if this is the latest trend that I should be wearing at my age. Maybe she doesn’t want me to end up like her, aka an old maiden, but this isn’t a reason to press me something that’s so inconsequential. She herself should have known the perks of being single. And duh, I’m still young and I still have other important things in my mind right now like the board exam. I realize, good thing I didn’t obsess myself to this pressure and throw myself to immature feelings which I believe isn’t supposed to be as I’m still NBSB. I expect this question will stay around until the time I finally introduce someone. And just so my answer will also be adjusted to the currents events, from “Bawal pa daw sabi ni Tatay” I will have to cope up with my smile and “Yes, yes Tita. Isang araw, makikilala niyo rin silang lahat.”
Honestly, it wasn’t because of my father’s warnings why I haven’t had a boyfriend. My father won’t have any reason to preclude me as he knows well that I’m responsible. No joke. And I’m not even bragging. Although I admit, he still isn’t ready for any news that says “Tatay may boyfriend na ako.” Hehe, I can still imagine his face when I brought this up two years ago. Of course that wasn’t serious. I just wish. I admit I’m curious of how it feels to actually have only one person to text every night of good night and sweet dreams and how different things are when the feeling is mutual.
I remember we jokingly made a motto that has an indirect impact on our sanity during the modular. It was “We need a boyfriend.” It’s unreal if I’d say I never wanted one nor needed one. If only I can control the choices of others, I’d probably have atleast ten guys. I loved before and is still loving yet a relationship can never be one-sided so… the hell.
Proactive thinking: just in case this aunt of mine changes her inquiry to “Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?” what could probably be the best punch line to tell her? It can’t be: “Pakshet, utang na loob, tantanan niyo na ako.” The fact that I don’t really have one yet at this age already spells L-O-S-E-R so I don’t want to sound worse than that. It isn’t also wise to throw the question back to her as that could provoke a no-dollar-for-you-on-Christmas idea. Any suggestion?

trivial question ii

Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?

Seriously, can’t I have more imperative question to ponder for today? Like, what implicit rate do you use when you’re asked for the impairment loss of an available-for-sale investment? Or how desperate is Ducat on our dwindling government that he actually risked his freedom? Or when will our politicians finally swap the word power and money in their dictionary with selflessness? Pakshet. I’m stuck with the most relevant question, and that is the one above this paragraph.
Bakit nga ba? I don’t know! Why ask me? Ask my pet. Or my prince. Or the devoted. I know I’m not perfect and sometimes I can really be demanding but I do have some good points as well right? Someone also told me that he’s intimidated to wise women; they’re fun to talk to but over qualified for their ego. But we’re talking of someone else here so this does not apply to me directly. I have a feeling I’m also wise and this could somehow apply to me in some circumstances. Hehe… maybe it’s best if you would tell me why.