Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm confirmed!

This is so late na, but nevertheless, I'll still make sigaw this one!

My faith has been confirmed last August 9 and thankfully, my patience endured all the hassle the secretaries of our parish has put on me. Damn those hard people. Oops, shouldn't say that. I can only take a very very deep breath when I deal with them... sigh, narrow-minded creatures. Haha!

I didn't make a big deal out of this event since I'm already overaged for the ceremony so I left my camera too. But when I was there, I wished I brought it nevertheless. Nina could have taken my picture when the bishop slapped me tenderly :)

Awe-strucking din kasi it's my first time ata to see so many priests celebrating a single mass. I think they're five in front. And yeah, I realized big deal pala to if you're at your right age.

This event also served as a family gathering since half of my relatives came and even gave me presents! Wuhoo... confirmation rocks! If only I can repeat this ;)

To God be the glory.


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