Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Truth vs Right

Passion flowed while I sit here, unconvinced that I'm miles away now.

I'm restless and I can't tell which caused this. Is it because the fact of us being a bunch of losers finally sinked in or because I was able to say no? I'm lost in thoughts of who's back there, drowning with the last sound I heard.

I should rejoice, I know I did the appropriate thing. I was able to get hold of myself, to control the urge of the moment and to get out without looking back. Father should be proud of my decision. But really now, why do I weep?

Silently, I struggle: be right or go for the truth?

Here's the truth. Seasons have changed, a trimester has passed and yet the feeling is still strong and thriving. Nothing's lost even after three hundred sixty days, only your presence. And they say that the truth shall set me free. Well in my case, while I'll bask in bliss with the being true, I wouldn't stand the heat of the fire.

Could I have felt different if we've won?

Honestly, losing is not an issue for me, especially if my heart is in berserk.

"Di man lang ba kayo manonood saglit?"

Ouch. I'm cut open.


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