Tuesday, February 05, 2008

misplaced entRy

I really don't know him that well yet but one thing I'm sure of is I want to know him better; I want to become his friend.
Napakasuplado lang talaga nito-- one barrier why it took us long to be comfortable to each other. Pucha, dinaig ako nito sa pagiging suplado. I almost waived a white flag in our battle. Oh well, I guess natauhan rin sya on what a good catch I am. Hehe,,

A few things I observed and eventually admired in him:
1. He's witty. Everybody will attest to this.
2. He writes well. I am a "writer" myself and yun, you just feel good when you learn you share the same passion. A sort of connection is built.
3. He's a family man. I heard enough to tell he's a good son and brother. You can tell one's character by just observing how he treats his family/parents.
4. He's always ready with a helping hand. You can approach him anytime (not through text though. My last encounter with him in text was "Waah, kalimutan daw ba ako.") When you ask a question, all the way na yun, sasagarin ka. I once asked him for a ride home, aba, pinakain niya muna ako. And hinatid niya ako hindi lang hanggang labas ng bahay, hanggang kwarto pa.

These are just the icing of the cake. Wait till I get in the cake itself. :) Hope we'll be better friends!


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