Friday, November 09, 2007

secret glances

I came in the room, and just like breathing, I searched your way. Bubbly, I walked down our place.
I really like it when you take notice when I arrive, though it will still take time before this notice turn to smile.

A typical day ahead, I know, but your presence gives it a zest. The feeble glances, oooh, this is so exciting. My day will be stiff if I aint see you, hear you.

But life as we know goes around.

Just as you're my sun, you can be also my destructive sea. After painting my town red, you'd just wash my heart away, exit without any a do. I hate it when you do it and I hope you won't ever again.

When we glance, I hope time will stop there. Just there. Then no one is left behind.


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