Thursday, November 15, 2007

[my] A-checklist

Law of Attraction (in no particular order)

_x_ chinky eyes matching his captivating smile
_x_ La Sallian achiever
_x_ maganda manamit/ magaling magdala
_x_ CPA
_x_ witty/ intelligent
_x_ drives his own car
_x_ Batangueno
_x_ athlete
_x_ 6-packer and/or has nice physique
___ traveller
___ spoiler

The Fall (you can only proceed to the next item if current item is met)

___ bachelor
___ fears God
___ Roman Catholic
___ family man
___ has a stable work
___ has decent savings
___ faithful
___ prays (dreams) and works
___ generous
___ responsible

I'm attracted but I can't fall. He's no longer bachelor.

So there, my dream guy is no longer available, I may as well be single forever. Amen.


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