Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

2 cheers for my Blogger account! wuhoo..

Had my first entry on this date two years ago. I can remember well that day... As usual, strong emotions flooded me, fueled my nerves with creative juices ang so the birth of my best outlet, best friend... a great source of belongingness, my love, my butterflings

Thank you for sticking to me. Hehe, as if you have a choice

7 loud bangs for DeofeLhen!

December 25, 2007. I was in my lola's house then, rocking my chair and just enjoying the peacefulness of the season and the bliss of the gathering when a conversation started with this interesting thumbelina. It was a blessing in disguise I will forever cherish. The topics were not clear anymore but whatever they were, I can assume that this conversation was wacky yet intelligent. And of course, friendly.


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