Friday, March 07, 2008


Everything lay silent
Just the rise and fall of life is heard
And a lot of tears flooding

Staring where the light comes
You were praying for the time to stop
Wait... does he really have to go?

Everything was lost since the beginning
What could be harder this time?
Nobody won't understand, second death is never real.

How do you hold on to someone larger than life?
All you need are answers, not him
Hope the yellow ribbons catch his eyes though.


Silly if you'll ask
I may even deserve a smirk, alright
Hear this though--
Reason will never be enough
To fill my heart with life.

A fulfilled breath, that was him
Whatever I've done for such cut in between
I'll leave for the heaven to clear
Now just let this snow numbb me
Hear the cheers of black crows above.



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