Friday, July 25, 2008

God is good!

Before I met Sir Gojocco, my very cool Philo professor, I enjoy listening to Bible interpretations, how God loves us and how He works.

Now, it's different.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still a faithful Roman Catholic. I believe in God, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, that Mama Mary is virgin and there are saints to whom I can ask for intercession. It is my faith that keeps me sane in this domain.

But something has changed. And that is I can't stand my pre-Confirmation seminar anymore.

This is my second time to attend such seminar. On my first attempt, I weren't confirmed due to schedule glitches so this year, I have to repeat that seminar again. I can perfectly remember my attitude then when I was seated on that seminar-- I was eagerly listening to Bro. What's-His-Name-Again, nodding and actively participating in the discussion. Last Saturday was so unlike me.

Yes, I can recite the seven gifts and the traditional prayers with closed eyes but my system just won't accept the lectures of the sisters giving the seminar. You see, they're teaching us their own interpretations of what's in heaven, that it is still the male who should dominate this world because Eve just came from Adan and other whatever human interpretations. I'm sort of a feminist and I totally disagree about the latter. Ok, we're entitled to our own beliefs and I chose not to listen to them.

This encounter saddened me. I thought my faith will be fully restored when I attend this seminar yet it turned out I'm wrong. Sadly, my faith is dented forever.

Nevertheless, as I said above, my faith is still with God, the creator of heaven and earth and I am confirming this faith on August 9. Though I've bitten the snake's apple in my philo class, and like Eve my eyes were opened to the demons, God's goodness is still more powerful and more comforting. My heart still belongs to Him and only Him.

While it's hard for me to accept more human interpretations, here are some of the thoughts I believe:

1. Do to others what you want them to do to you as well.

2. Life is never fair but God is, in time.

3. Our loving God does not use PAIN to teach us or make us realize what is good. True, we won't know happiness if we have not experienced sadness but still, this is not how God works. He knows better than this.

4. God will not put you in a situation He knows you can't overcome.

5. Just trust and obey, there's no other way.

Lastly, for those feeling really really low...

When you feel like quitting, ask this question: "Has God stopped doing good in my life?" If not, why give up?


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