Friday, July 25, 2008


My account has been inactive again since i don't know :)) maybe it has been two months now... feels like longer though.

And as a result, my write-ups are way overdue. Specially the Sagada trip account. I wish I can still make a complete account of the adventures we had and deliver it as exciting as I can remember them.

Among my pending projects are the reviews of the books and movies I've read/seen. As far as I can remember they are Sex and the City, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda and Ironman for the movies and The Notebook, The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes for books. To date, I still haven't finished the Eleven Minutes and in fact I have no plans to even know how it will end. I'll tell you the reasons why in my review.

And being a camera-whore, of course, thousands of pictures of vanity and memories are patiently awaiting in my computer folders to be uploaded and published worldwide. It's amazing how my pictures accumulate really fast. (Nagtaka pa no...) I still have plans to print them despite my eco-friendly mindset. "Please consider the environmental impact before printing" If I won't start it with myself first, paano nalang ang mundo? So there. I will have to select the best pictures nalang (shocks, good luck to me during the selection process).

What else is lacking in my account...

Videos. I am still in the process of discovering how to put videos in this site :)) So as how to make my site more personalized, more "me".


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