Monday, August 04, 2008

Beware of PCD

The Festival Mall was painted red, orange, yellow, green, violet and blue yesterday by who else but the PCD.

We went to see The Dark Knight (please see a separate review for this movie), drove like lunatics in Xtro Drive, screamed to death in the Xtreme Coaster and lastly, did what we love most: kept each other to-date while eating pizza in our favorite Pizza Hut (watch out, I'll also make a "food" review for this one).

What's Up and What's Down?

Aurora: Blessed with a new nan pengyou. Why am I not surprised?

Belle: As usual, chased by an alien from Venus. No one's surprised either.

Jasmine: Kerida-material, that's how hot she is.

Snow White: Heart is shatterred due to her insecure boyfriend.

Ariel: She's with someone and I only have this to say: she deserves someone better.

Cinderella: Too tired with life. No lovelife shared.

Here's my favorite part of our chit chat: the insecure boyfriend used to tell Snow White not to go out with us. The reason? "Manla-lalaki lang na naman kayo"


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