Wednesday, August 06, 2008

For CPA job hunters

This entry is especially made for my new friend, Byron (hope I got his name correctly)

Why choose ILC/PwC Tax Consultant as a career

1. In time, you can be referred as a Tax expert or as my friends would refer to it: "The Walking Tax Code". This is appropriate if you want to specialize in something that common people would pertain as a very complex field.

2. You can take up law school while working at the same time. Our line of service usually involves legal matters/ materials. Moreover, we read lots of materials here that you will get used to reading that once classes start, reading assigned cases will seem just like breathing to you.

3. I am surrounded by outstanding lawyers. In relation to the previous number, you will feel more inspired to become one because of the environment; you get to see their majesty and genteel minds. Moreover, you can approach them about your school assignments and ask for their opinions.

4. You will appreciate BIR's existence in this world. Without them (and their complex minds), we will have a boring career.

5. You will hone your stage skills, if not discover that you in fact possess atleast one. Here in PwC, our lives our balanced. We don't only work but we also dance, sing, act and play sports. In my one-year stay in the firm, I have acted in front of the whole firm, cheerdanced and though privately, I've sung my heart out and went wild with a microphone in my hand.We have gone out to the videoke place several nights now.

6. The Tax Department is just like an extension of my college life minus the quizzes and projects. My colleagues are of my age that's why we click with what's in and what's not. We understand how each other feels on usual circumstances (unreasonable bosses and workloads, office crushes, movies, etc). Our brainwaves are more or less complementary.

7. As I said, my colleagues are of my age. We have money and we have same interests: travelling. I've been in Sagada, in Hundred Islands, Biak na Bato, Mexico and Grande Island. Next month, we'll be snorkelling in Coron, Palawan. This is what I call LIFE.

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