Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nikki's Bucket List

Place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not.

( ) Walked in a flood (thanks to the overpriced pajak boys sa la salle. di ko rin ata kaya)

(X) Eaten balut (and penoy) (hanggang sabaw lang ako and matigas na puti)

(X) Eaten kambing (goat) (Batanguena e! But I wasn't aware then.)

( ) aso (dog) (ditto Grace, NEVER!)

(X) palaka (frog) (yeah, tastes like chicken. I'll eat one as long as I'm not told what they truly are)

( ) bayawak (giant lizard)

( ) Eaten adidas (chicken feet)

( ) helmet (chicken head)

(X) or isaw (chicken intestine) (love this! basta kilala ko yung tindera-- that she cleans them well)

(X) Rode a Tricycle (oo naman-- Filipino to)

(X) Rode a caritela (sa Intramuros)

( ) Rode a trolley by the houses along the riles (railroad)

(X) Been to the Rice Terraces (yeh! love this trip)

(X) Been to Star City

(X) Been to Enchanted Kingdom

(X) Been to Shooting the Rapids

(X) Eaten with your fingers from banana leaves

(X) Eaten taho (soft bean curn with caramel sauce peddled in the street by vendors)

(X) Eaten aratiles or macopa

(X) Attended Simbang Gabi (Midnight Mass )

(X) Played patintero

(X) Played Tumbang Preso

(X) Played Piko

(X) Played Sungka

( ) Played with Spiders (Gagamba derby) (di talaga ako mahilig maglaro ng mga hayop e)

(X) Played Chinese Garter

(X) Played Chinese Jackstones

( ) Climbed a coconut tree (mango tree lang)

(X) Danced the Tinikling

( )Got on a Jeepney where you had to stand

(X) Got on a jeepney

(X) Rode in a banca

( ) Caught fish in the canal during a rainy day (with my Kuya sa La Union)

( ) Participated in Ati-Atihan

(X) Had a salagubang (beetle) for a pet

( ) Eaten fish head

( ) Got drunk from Lambanog (coconut wine)

(X) Attended a Prosesyon (Procession of the Stations of the Cross) during Holy Week

(X)visited an inmate at Bilibid prison

(X) Attended an inuman (drinking session) (social networking)

(X) Gone to the beach in summer

(X) Gone to Baguio

(X) Gone to Sagada

(X) Gone to Palawan

(X) Gone to the the Visayas (Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras-before the oil spill)

( ) Gone to Mindanao (shocks!!! I want this crossed since college!!!)

(X) Lived in any other part of the Philippines (La Union)

(X) Cut class (for noble reasons like accomplishing the school paper, mag room-to-room announcement)

(X) Told manananggal, aswang, capre stories during a brownout or rainy night

(X) Slept under a mosquito net

(X) Slept on a banig (mat)

(X) Polished the floor with coco husk (bunot)

(X) Tasted durian

(X) Eaten pandesal filled with condensed milk

(X) Dunked pandesal into hot coffee

(X) Rode a kalabaw

(X) Took a bath under a "poso" or by the "ilog"

(X) Used a pumice stone when taking a bath

(X) Tumulay sa kawayan (walked on a bamboo pole)

(X) Kept Vigil at the Cemetery for Nov. 1st

( ) Had their first date in Luneta

() Gone inside Malacanang Palace

(X) Gone shopping at 168 Divisoria

( ) Was punished by kneeling down on rock salt or monggo beans.

(X) Gone shopping in Quiapo

( ) Eaten champorado with chokolate and tuyo. (still to try the tuyo)

(X) Eaten Dirty Ice Cream

( ) Watched horse races at the karerahan.

(X) Rode horses at Wright Park in Baguio

(X) Drank Batangas barako coffee

(X) Eaten pinasugbo,

(X) otap, or

(X) piaya

(X) Greeted your grandparents or elders by kissing their hand or having them touch your forehead

(X) Seen Taal Volcano

(X) Called anyone "pare/mare", "tol", or "boss/bossing"

(X) Watched the sunset by Manila Bay.


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