Friday, March 06, 2009

Excerpt from a girl's diary

(this is not my diary)

December 9

Ang galing... last night was a dream come true. Though I wasn't able to capture the moments in my cam. definitely, they're in my treasure chest. If I can recall it perfectly, the happiest moments in my life (aside from my family moments) always include him.

Best part of it? Aside from the fact that I saw HIM, we have talked: just us. An eye-to-eye conversation with no pretensions and just about our lives. Aw, I've regained my good impression on him. Despite his dark days, I felt his good side and this part I'm lucy to experience.

Hay naku, eto na naman ako. I'm getting carried away again my the love storm.

Last night, my vision for him was reinstated. The vision of him being an achiever, yes, I can see it again. I'm glad he was given this kind of opportunity and even gladder that he grabbed it. Though he's thinking of going to Singapore someday. The good part on that plan is he continues to dream.

I know I mentioned before that I no longer ask God for him due to his workings in the past five years, that Iwould not want anyore a future with him (as if naman he wants a future with me as well) but I realized last night that this is now rebuttable. I have proven that despite this 5 dark year, his other 17 years and his core makings is still intact. He's still the person I loved.

Dying to hear the icing on the cake? He treated us like a perfect gentleman he is ! Napaka-obvious ko lang talaga and my feelings that I can't even breath evenly whenever he's around. Milestone na kaya yung usapan namin kagabi. Yung pinuntahan ko siya kahit wala pa yung third wheel, yung kaming dalawa lang sa table, nagkukwentuhan! Just the thought of us alone already melts me, seriously!

So you can just imagine my fear last night! But oh well, I'm good at pretending, er my social skills are polished naman so I survived it. I am so ecstatic that I lived through it, now I'm in cloud nine.


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