Friday, September 28, 2007

September Account

This is serious. I know I've said this a million times in this blog but... where have my days gone? Christmas na uli!

September events worthy to take note:

1 Realized that it is not advisable to go to Shang from EDSA Shrine by foot.
LAST team practice of volleyball--- we had Pizza Hut for refreshments!
On my way to Vermont after the practice, my thrill to get lost was shooting. But I proved that I'm well-equipped on metro roads.

4 Volleyball championship. And we WON.
Marina victory party: EAT-ALL-IF-YOU-CAN. define busog.

5 Marina victory party PART 2. Free Lunch sa pantry with the whole gang, with the food taken care of the Marina take outs.

6 My first leave. SICK leave.

7 Dinner at Tang's with the new PCD: Karen, Kim, Tin, Maien and Iya. Food was delightful and the cakes were surprising.
More kwentuhan over mugs of coffee and tea sa Coffee and Tea bags. We discovered a new talent, si Kuya on taking photos.

8 Indian birthday bash of my Pocholo.
Had my first ever tattoo! ... very glittery, and seductive. hehe!
Received my most wanted gift: GILMORE GIRLS DVD. whee!

9 Slept in Vermont. beside my Nanay!

10 I'm officially no longer minor today. MY DAY was silent, walang seniors and up.
Lunch date with my beautiful seatmate.
Apple chocolate oops with Zaider.

12 Green Tomato meeting c/o lovely Mommy C, together with the other celebrants.

13 PIZZA treat sa pantry.
DLSU game with either ADMU or UE. We lost, huhuhu.
Urgh, can't leave early despite I'm heading to Lucena tonight. Urgent print jobs,sigh.

14 We hit the road to BICOL.
Eat, eat, eat.

15 Back to Lucena

18 Lunch treat of the BOSS(es) sa Teriyaki Boy. We missed Rey.

20 Firm-wide September celebration.
Our team's not good in Pinoy superheroes.
Big Bosses are kinda cute when together.

22 THE surgery in Unciano's. Too weak to live.
I love my parents so much.

23-25 Im bed-ridden, except when I need to go the bathroom, cleam my wound and eat.
Heaven... I'm in heaven, with all these drugs and sleeping.

26 PCD roll-out. whatever it is.

27 Strange morning. I dozed off in the bus with a lady beside me and when I woke up, she turned to a guy.

29 I'm stitches-free!!
Farewell lunch for my Inay Norie at Old Spaghetti House Antipolo.
It wasn't all about the Chichen and Mushroom; the scenery was as breathtaking.
Off to my iPod!

30 A bloody morning and evening... my wound from the operation opened and bleed.
Inay Angie's birthday. I thought she's already 80!
Spaghetti rocks!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happiness is...

As of October 4 2007

1. DLSU winning against Ateneo

2. My Kuya giving me more than I asked for (I asked for a 2G iPod nano 2nd gen. What did he give me? A 4G iPod nano 3rd gen!)

3. A phone call from my Nanay

4. Telebabad with friends

5. Eating Chicken and Mushroom after craving for days

6. Feeling the cool air on top of Antipolo Hills

7. A long road travel to Batangas or Lucena

8. Petty kulitan with my seatmate

9. Accompanying a friend in her resume-dropping in other firms

10.Lunch with the gang

11. Catching up with friends over a cup of coffee (Sbux particularly)

12. Having three cupcakes for my birthday after conditioning myself that I shouldn't be sad despite not having a cake on my birthday

13. Meeting with a friend in the elevator/pantry for merienda

14. Seeing your write-ups published somewhere where people can read it

15. Hearing a friend commending me and my writing and that I have a future career aside from tax consulting

16. Receiving long fascinating letters from friends

17. Gilmore Girls marathon

18. Eating chocolates and having their wrappers for bookmoarks after

19. Seeing TY Tang in the school grounds (and TV-- same with Chris Tiu here)

20. Seeing Norman Balck turn really black in furious

21. Nina under not a full-moon

22. Kris telling me stories on her own

23. Receiving an email from a friend with sincere 'happy birthday' and 'get well soon' note

24. Staying at home when a storm is all in the area

25. Cuddling your bears, bratzy fiona, Duls and Melody

26. Wearing skirt and stockings to office

27. Learning that an officemate shares the same passion with you

28. EDSA traffic on a weekend

29. Eating out in Graceland

30. A New Year's Eve that is so like my 2007 Eve

31. Learning you have passed the board exam and you can actually waste you life now

32. ... to be continued...

dum! dum! I'm 21

I'm not sure of how am I supposed to feel...

I think I'm happy

and thankful.

Those are just appropriate feelings. Can I also mention I'm scared? And depressed with what lies ahead.

Just so you know, I haven't stopped praying to God that I'm being a good girl, despite my decision to stay for a while for my parents and a few charitable deeds. So turning 21 is bit contradicting to that. Oh well, He knows well what He's doing so I will just sit back and go with the flow.