Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm in love, Edward

You can't blame me, you're supernatural.

You had me in our first meeting, the first time we sat together.

I'm certain that what we have now is more than imprinting.

Di kita maalis sa isip ko, in fact, ikaw lang ang nakikita ko. The rest are just blurred faces.

You are amazing and I don't mind if I've been sleepless for nights just to be with you.

I'm yours forever... we belong together, my Edward.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm confirmed!

This is so late na, but nevertheless, I'll still make sigaw this one!

My faith has been confirmed last August 9 and thankfully, my patience endured all the hassle the secretaries of our parish has put on me. Damn those hard people. Oops, shouldn't say that. I can only take a very very deep breath when I deal with them... sigh, narrow-minded creatures. Haha!

I didn't make a big deal out of this event since I'm already overaged for the ceremony so I left my camera too. But when I was there, I wished I brought it nevertheless. Nina could have taken my picture when the bishop slapped me tenderly :)

Awe-strucking din kasi it's my first time ata to see so many priests celebrating a single mass. I think they're five in front. And yeah, I realized big deal pala to if you're at your right age.

This event also served as a family gathering since half of my relatives came and even gave me presents! Wuhoo... confirmation rocks! If only I can repeat this ;)

To God be the glory.

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Powerbooks should pay me for this :)

Among my many frustrations in life, one is to be a writer, a columnist in a leisure magazine. I wish I have the right talent and creativity to be in Candy mag or Cosmo's masthead. Aside from the natural talent, I also lack guts to pursue this dream. And anyway, I'm already in a satisfying career that I have loved since my college days so it will require more than determination to pursue this frustration. I guess I can accomodate compromises. Fortunately, from where I am right now, I can still make reality of this dream through Taxwise Otherwise column of the Business World.

Now, about this Taxwise Otherwise column, before, having to write in this column is a prestige to me that's why I dreamt of submitting an article for this. Time changes though. Events materialised and I decided that this is not the case anymore. Having published in this paper won't be as rewarding as I've imagined before.

Plus, Taxwise and Otherwise is strictly an objective column. Facts must be verified first before they're presented to interested businesspeople. I'm not an objective writer, duh!

I'm generally a reserved person and writing has been my outlet. I write more of my thoughts, passions, my life. That's why if I had to choose, Candy mag, Cosmo or Travel Asia will be on my list. I can rant my trivial experiences that will be a hit for the teenagers ("Is he into me?" --dito ata ako magaling, sa ranting), I can sell tourists destinations ("Visit the Lepers? No way! Take the Culion challenge" -- passionate when I impart my latest trip) and I can write something about taxation that will be relevant to ladies reading the Cosmo mag (I'll do this someday). Isa lang naman kalaban ko e, KATAM. hehehe, and a few discouraging persons around me. Sigh ;p

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Wishlist


2. Shorter but meaningful life

3. My family to stay in Laguna instead

4. Boyfriend na aalagaan ako and not the other way around

5. Any of these material things:

a. laptop/PDA phone where I can always be connected to the net

b. Powerbooks gift cards to buy the books I'd like to have (like the twilight series)

c. Bookmarks and booklamps

d. Cute notebooks where I can doodle my crazy thoughts

e. Parker pen

f. Book cover and pillow books exclusive from Powerbooks

I am not pleading that you give me any of these presents nor even asking for anything on my 22nd birthday, in-assess ko lang kung ano nga yung mga gusto ko sa buhay ko, promise. :)