Friday, March 10, 2006

this should have been posted last march 1 pa

can you hear the songs marching?

in a blink of an eye

January was a whirlwind; it was a period of chicken steak, photocopies and countless literary works. can you just imagine how many trying-hard poems i've made? the grade of my eyes went up again while my cgpa started to crawl down. if i was not reading for my classes, it must be my blog that kept me busy. and like any other ordinary modular term, i only had a glimpse of what the tv looks like on saturday nights and sundays; and i was either in these 3 places for the whole month: L301, KFC or in our house (particularly in the bedroom). life has been unbelievably dull; i experience something a bit new when i was caught in a major emotional turmoil. it occurred in the most ideal time of the year actually. the ending of my sad and stupid story had to take place in the term where FOCUS is much needed; just when CONTROL, SENSE OF REALITY AND DISCIPLINE was important if you want your future to be better.

Likewise, February was roughly the same. The first part only continued the wreckage January started. It's first days settled finally the most painful encounter I had for my lifetime, and as days continued to pass, I further realized that letting go is not something that takes place overnight; instead it is a process of nightmares, strong longing feeling, and nights of self-assessment through reflections. and before it ended, the third thing I fear most confirmed itself. atleast I won't have to repeat a subject yet. i still have a chance to bring things back to normal. maybe the highlight of this period was that my life has slightly changed -- i'm experiencing life outside dlsu and learning things related in my chosen career outside the four walls of a classroom. i'm walking the arena of the profession i ought to have soon too.

And as March just entered, I don’t expect much. I’m still in the process of healing and accepting and soon, my dull life will be restored. So there’s not much to look forward. Not even the summer break. If I can’t help it, no matter how much I cry for freedom, I’d still stay for summer class and let go of my annual out-of-town plans.

i used to love computers (everything about it)

for four consecutive years I was known to be the Computer wizard in my class, but why all of a sudden, this has to be the first subject that will hold me from my dreams?

life is full of surprises. hehehe


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