Friday, January 27, 2006

happy birthday Nanay!

ang tanda na ni Nanay...

ako rin pala. hehehe, soon I won't receive any gifts from my lolas na. tsk tsk tsk

SELF CHECK: Who am I right now

I am the pool's current head who had no idea what I got myself into until now;
An ACMOD3 crammer, having an information overload about REA and database;
A slave of wireless technology worsened by Globe's unlimited text service;
The stupid, pathetic girl who happens to be crazy about Denver;
The mass behind a mountain-pile of photocopies on Isabel's study table;
Len's correspondent in wacky exchanges while Crazy Kris's avid reader;
Hates pressures but allows them to take over these days;
Self-acclaimed disciplined person who's always in cotrol but the OPPOSITE right now;
Dislikes wasting her time yet have wasted another hour writing this;
A retainers-wearing nerd who tries to fill her social life amid the demands of her program;
A hopeless, trying hard poet who doesn't know how to end this.


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