Monday, January 23, 2006

l0st and wasted

--name game--

Vain attempt to keep you
I'm hopeless now
Come back please
Tarnish the emptiness
Oh, my love
Raise me up from this sack
Instill the life forgone
And seal my lips with a kiss.

Mangmang ka ba?
Are you that numb
Right here, crippled
Is what remains of me
Existence clinging at the ege of the world.

Distant look in your eyes kills
Oppresses me big time
Mister Kupido, bakit ka ganyan?
Isn't this too much already
Not what you have planned?
I won't hold on anymore.

story behind: as usual, bored with the ACMOD3C, Erik and I came up with this challenge: make a poem spelling your name vertically. Ha! Look what we had, it's lame I know, but atleast, I made one.

--day off movie of the year--

mixed emotions make one vulnerable
you see
i don't watch star cinema movies
not even on tv specials
and not at all on silver screens
no way.

I admire Juday's talents
but won't care how Piolo's nose protrude amazingly
though those won't entice me to see still
a star cinema movie ever
no way.

but where was i last january 8?
what did i do and why wasn't i able to read
the five part story of ACMOD3C?
yes, i summoned in karen's will!
Len's powerful thumbs!
and Golda's charming locks!

I went to see...(uh-oh, i'm dead)
Don't Give Up on Us
I endured the jam-packed corridors,
sat on unsanitized stairs,
accepted my fate and the eye-straining proximity from the screen
not to mention tolerated the muscle stiffling posture we had.

I still don't get it why this movie's a big hit
but i do know why I did go and see it anyway
because my cat just left,
my turtle hasn't arrived yet,
and my dinosaur is as numb as forever.


wondering what is this feeling
why am i so distracted with your absence
it's like i even know your name
yet i feel so restless since you walked away.

you came when i least imagined it
and went as i have expected
but why am i attached
clueless, i don't know
what am i supposed to feel

lips kept asking and asking
is this love or what
my reply was obvious
that can't be possible
how could it be when wenever really met
and you're not ven my type

and so it kept me wondering
what are these butterflies in my stomach
why are my knees shaking so much
just thinking of how you are.


At Thursday, January 26, 2006 7:15:00 pm, Blogger cRazY_kRis said...

tsktsk...ang ating bad habits...doin' stuffs and thinkin' of things not related to the subj. hbang nagdidiscuss..hehe

haha...gusto ko nga panoorin un eh...u know that line---


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