Tuesday, January 31, 2006

two [submodules] down!

ofcourse, dahil masinsinang pagbabasa ang naganap last weekend, may mga bago tayong literature work diba...


let's start with my favorite.

Funny I'm not feeling low.
Today I don't even feel like shouting.
Instead there's just bliss;
My morning is as magnificent as Monalisa's smile.

This is really unexpected.
But I'm glad, I really do.
What made me feel this way,
What filled the emptiness?

I guess things have their own ending;
Next to pain is healing;
So I've turned a new page and
Decided to grow elsewhere
With those who truly cares
And those who really feel.

mga nonsense...................

Love songs are so nice to hear
Become nicer as they enter the heart.
The calming effect they have in our souls;
Even stormy nights stop just to listen;
And Valentine's won't be the same without them.

The stories they tell are overwhelming
The rhythm and blues blend so well
the lines were written perfectly
They make everyone sing, smile, cry.

There's just one thing I wish they won't do
Their power to bring happy memories
Bring back a lot of the opposite too
That is our songs that died long ago.

isa pa, a different story naman.....................

Forever is in our hands now
Not a single chance we'll have to let go
our bond is as strong as indefinite
You and I are one till clock stops turning
And the river stops running.
Do you hear my insides
The cheers and yeahs they sing
Feel the joy filling me today
And plunge in my overwhelming love for you
Drown me as well with what you have.

Talon, sayaw kanta
Ilan lang sa mga nais kong bigkasin
Puso'y taranta at tulala
Di mo lang alam dulot mong kaligayahan
Kailan pa ba ito nadama
Bakit ngayon lamang dumating
Mistulang balisawsaw na sa paghihintay
Isip gulung-gulo kung ika'y asan na.
Pero ngayong hawak kamay na

Wala ng mga tanong sa isip
Hangga't andito sa aking tabi
Wala ng pangngambahan pa
Imbis ay magmamahal ng lubos.

meron pa........................................................

I dreamt last night
I was crying on my bed
Lamp's out, fear filled the room
I heard whispers, buzzes
No, not in my ears but in my mind
Then I got up gingerly
Faced the mirror and wiped up my tears
And stared.
Then everything spun around
Blackness flashed.
In my dream there's someone else
It's not moving though
It's just waiting, lurking in the dark.
I'm not sure what it meant
Why is he there
But when I woke up
I feel nothing but coldness.


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