Friday, March 31, 2006

happy ending

Anong petsa na???

April's knocking now. And yes, you read it right.

My March is happily ending...

Not because I found out earlier that he'd still be in this grounds next school year (aksidente to ha! I really did not go out and look for it.) but because I've completed my articles for Monday's assignment, which means that I won't have to go here (the library in particular) and burn my eyes looking for them. I'm half done... have to summarize and integrate them in my own words nalang! Weeeeh...

Hindi ako uuwi this weekend KAHIT:
* sobrang miss ko na si Noelle at ang aking kama.
* I know that Cogie's underfed-- ako lang at si Nanay ang matino mag-asikaso sa kanya no.
* hindi ko makikita ang aking dear sister na mag-MUSE for Alfonso's basketball league.
* mas makakamura ako ng P42 dahil I can have my articles printed in our ever reliable ribbon printer

DAHIL I know I'm doing myself a favor. Unang-una, nag-aaway lang kami ng napakabait kong kapatid kapag kami'y within 5 meter radius. Next, sasakit lang ulo ko sa itsura ng bahay. Lastly, I will just devote my whole weekend tidying our house to be suitable for human living.

And-- I know it will be hard for me again to leave home on Monday. Aba! Hindi madali yun ha... seeing your sister crying, begging you not to leave.

So konting sakripisyo lang.

Devoting my weekend for ACMOD3E is too much, I know pero that's life. I'd still see him naman 'till September... baka till December pa nga e!


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