Friday, March 24, 2006

hey nerd!

"hindi ako nerd dahil nagbabadminton ako!" that your defense too when accused of being a nerd?

ahm, then mangamba ka na.

for i know some friends (more than one) na ganyang- ganyan ang linya pagsinasabihang 'nerd ka na, have a life.'

atleast for sure i'm not a nerd, a certified one, especially these days.


i've never used that line before.

haler, my night life na ako!!! for three consecutive days na akong walang ginagawa sa gabi kundi kumain ng party foods and to socialize with people. napupuyat ako not because of my studies pero dahil sa parties na itu. not to mention last week's getawayS...

and i've tried the 'walang tulugan' challenge with my friends: bar hopping, baywalking, marathon chikahan sa starbucks

and meron bang nerd na bumabagsak??? none that i know.


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