Wednesday, March 29, 2006

feeling diary

i miss my Nanay so much... huhuhuhu.

i've been wishing for our eyes to meet once again and this has already been granted yesterday kaya weeeeeh. that was weird talaga... serendipity???destiny?luck?self-fulfilling prophecy? whatever.

who said Chinese are stingy? Kirk can be but he knows the word 'treat ko kayo' for whatever reason. yumm Strawberry and cream frappe...

for the first time in my acmod3 term, kahapon ko lang na feel yung feeling na hindi ako mangangamote sa compre ko,,, praise the Lord.

i know even before i was born na pag-umuwi ako ngayon dito sa Sta Rosa, maiiinis lang ako sa dadatnan kong state ng bahay namin (wala nga kasi si Nanay), and yet, i still did go home. haay... in fairness di ko rin matiis si Noelli

it feels good. atleast most of my accounting pool are still interested with the org. if i can't impose dedication, kahit cooperation ok na. basta ga-graduate akong may special award...

about my last statement sa taas, kahit pala wala na. i've reached my dream (pool member na po ako), fulfilled my desire na makapagturo... yun lang naman gusto ko e. icing na lang yung special award

na-miss ko yung JAM bus. wala lang... nagdadrama lang, hehe.

our research subject just started and i feel this isn't like my other acctg subjects... ibang level na tu. furthermore, wow, to think, this is our last acctg subject narin,,, we'll graduate soon. but for now: library, here i come.


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