Saturday, May 06, 2006

grand shOwdown

Tonight's the Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Showdown. Too bad I won't be able to physically support Gerald! =( Hehe, Cha's inviting me to see it... kaso walang ticket and transpo pauwi so it's impossible. Wala rin akong pera duh!

Since the showdown is scheduled for tomorrow's viewing, they aired something other than the actual showdown in the TV show : their North EDSA roadshow taped early this week siguro. And I can they say they're all really good. Syempre I'm betting on Gerald-- the looks and voice palang. His smile melts me. Tama ba??? Haha! The audience impact says so. Wag nalang pasasayawin, ok?

Ang jologs ni Denver! Basta, he's last for me.

Anyway, Aicelle sang Through the Fire and its lyrics reminded me of something...
can you guess what is it?

I'm attaching the lyrics as a clue.

Through The Fire
Chaka Khan

I look in your eyes and I can see,
That love's a dangerous thing
You're not trusting your heart to anyone
You tell me you're gonna play it smart
We're through before we start
But I believe that we've only just begun
When it's this good, there's no saying no
I want you so, I'm ready to go
Through the fire
To the limit, to the wall
For a chance to be with youI'd gladly risk it all
Through the fire
Through whatever, come what may
For a chance at loving you
I'd take it all the way
Right down to the wire
Even through the fire
I know you're afraid of what you feel
You still need time to heal
And I can help if you'll only let me try
You touch me and something in me knew
What I could have with you
Well I'm not ready to kiss that dream goodbye
When it's this sweet, there's no saying no
I need you so, I'm ready to go
Through the test of time
Through the fire, to the limit
Through the fire, through whatever
Through the fire, to the limit
Through the fire, through whatever


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