Sunday, April 23, 2006

death penalty

I'm not sure where I stand on the issue of the death penalty. Killing surely won't bring back the lost lives. And definitely, a mistake does not correct itself by making another mistake. Yet what if you know the victims? Or worse, you're the victim? (knock on the wood)

Jesus taught us to love and forgive; death penalty is definitely not within this context. Kasi naman ang tao, kailangan pang takutin bago tumino... And more often than not, kahit nga meron ng capital punishments, crimes still exist.

I'm not inspired by our president's actions against this punishment, in fact wala na nga akong alam sa current events e. Instead I was moved by the book The Chamber by the infamous John Grisham. It's about Sam Clayhall, a Klucker who was sentenced to die through the gas chamber and his long lost grandson representing him. I haven't finished it yet, actually I don't plan to finish it anymore. I'm discouraged of sad endings. I can't stand stories the don't end with "they live happily ever after". Sobra akong naaapektuhan haha!

That's the first pocketbook I've opened after... I don't know. Antagal na rin. Ofcourse Madisson Finn series don't count since I'm talking of my-age novels. Harry Potter 6 ata yung last.

Dami ko pa naman nasa listahan na babasahin... tsk tsk. Maybe I'd try a new strategy. Yung one chapter a day. Hmmm... righteous.


At Tuesday, May 09, 2006 10:42:00 am, Blogger cRazY_kRis said...

actually someone mentioned in engl that those countries imposing death penalty have not actually reduced crime rates

my personal opinion...
it's more than just the "we have no right to take someone's life...." pero di ba mas ok pahirapan nang pahirapan as in for life imprisonment plus other harsh penalties--to serve as real consequences...pero evaluate and see baka naman di xa tlga msma(as in di guilty but because of a good prosecutor naging guilty)and give him another chance...

kasi ung death penalty panakot lng before a crime happens eh pag nangyari na papatayin mo tapos pag pinatay mo na, no more chance for him...and i don't think that will serve as justice din naman dun sa victim...


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