Monday, April 17, 2006

incOmplete and free

"hindi ako sanay ng ganito..."

No, I'm not talking of my unbelievable low grades. Nope, it's not them. I've outgrown this kind of feeling towards the 2.5 grade and below. Normal na sakin to.

Iba na ngayon.

This may sound bizarre pero kanina, when not a shadow of my dearest was in sight, I felt... incomplete. Duh, I know I don't see him everyday (his picture doesn't count, I'm speaking of seeing him in flesh), pero I have this mentality na pagna-feel kong magkikita kami, we'd see each other. But today, it's different. At ang bigat sa dibdib. Haaay... eto na naman ang depression, timing pa ngayong kailangan kong magconcentrate for my exam on Wednesday.

"akala ko I'll wait forever for him"

Until I met Denver.

I may not be sure about my feelings with Denver pero I know for sure that he has outweighed my childhood loved one, yung dating iniisip kong para sakin talaga but time's not yet ours... yung hinihintay kong makarealize one day na ako lang ang para sa kanya.

I can't explain yet why is this so, I just feel it. Siguro dahil I'm not yet through with this love storm (is there a such?hehe) but someday, sana masagot ko rin tong mga to.

Actually, I don't want our love story to end yet . I still believe in miracles. Haha! Poor me...


At Friday, April 21, 2006 2:53:00 pm, Blogger cRazY_kRis said...

sbi ko sa nga sa dedics ko di ba...DON'T MOVE DON'T LET IT END...ΓΌ


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