Sunday, May 28, 2006

looking at the bright side

I got my phone back, drained but still it's back in my arms. I loaded it with some power too.
Waiting for three hours with nothing to do but just wait (I didn't bring any of my readings) gave me time to reflect... and reflect. Relax. My academic commitments will have to wait for tomorrow. Uncontrollable situations can be a blessing sometimes.
I happen to witness thunders without scaring my ears! Yes, they didn't give any sound, just flashings in the sky.
I've finally availed of the Starbucks tumbler. I've been planning to buy one since dinosaur era. Not only that, I'm drinking right now a venti Strawberry and Cream frappe though Kirk's not here. I'm so proud of myself! I'm getting self-actualized!
Speaking of Starbucks, it brings back our walang tulugan challenge memories. Those memories remind me I'm blessed with great friends.
The air's cool, the music's soothing the sight in front me is enthralling. The bright colorful lights dazzle me. This is the perfect set-up for relaxation. There's just one thing left missing to make this my dream night... the man of my dreams and... spaghetti! Or any food will do. The company of my dearest friends and/or family will be appreciated as well.
He may not have text back or will never do but I can care less. I just realized that I'm surrounded by better (more or so) people. The Starbucks crew are not just cute but cheerful too. I've forgotten my bad luck today because of their warm and funny accommodation.


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