Friday, June 09, 2006

relsfor memories

"... magmahal ng lubos, buhos at ubos."

“Love until it hurts and love more until it hurts no more”.

- Mother Theresa

These are just some of the marvelous quotes Sir War shared us during my RELSFOR class last summer. I find these insights very nice, and deep. They sound simple, but not anyone understand its message, nor can it be done wholeheartedly.

Only great people can do what the message sends. Imagine, binaliwala ka na, winalanghiya at tinapaktapakan (exag, I know) but you were still able to love them unconditionally.

This is the love I want to learn. Yung pagmamahal na walang hinihinging kapalit, walang hinihintay na pangako.

You may think I'm talking about personal love life here, and yes, that's the first thing in my mind. But this should not be limited to that area. I feel guilty on having my personal love life on my mind first. This shouldn't be. Afterall "Preference for the poor " ang greatest lesson the class wanted to plant not only in our heads but primarily in our hearts.

Got one word to conclude this one. SELFLESSNESS.


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