Thursday, July 27, 2006


Ginawin talaga ako kaya you can't ask me to join you to play in the rain. I hate it when my feet feel wet and my soaked clothes stick to my bod. My mucus membranes go berserk even for a drop of water.

I'd be the last person to enjoy anything when she's wet. Kahit beach outing pa yan.

Kaya naman I felt weird last time I went to the public market. It was raining hard and I'm alone with the weekly shopping list. Hands full of plastic bags, I jumped in the nearest tricycle and headed home; I hurried my shopping because I'm feeling really cold. Unfortunately, the tricycle I'm in didn't have any rain coat. The driver just don't care if his passenger is getting wet. And so I almost bathe in the rain.

And it was wonderful. The cool breeze that brushed my face, the rain drops that smacked my skin... they soothe my temperature and I felt peace for twenty minutes. I understood that moment why kids, even my Kuya, love bathing under the rain.This is just one of the blessings of the mighty sky.

And a flu after a while.


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