Friday, December 30, 2005

Rare, precious... you just have to treasure it.

It's been years now since we met and shame it took us weeks before we band together. I was lost in the sea of strange faces, confused with all the buzzes; even endured selfish stories before I realized that it's just you guys I've been looking for.

What a rubbish.

I want to share how I started enjoying my life in college but I can't write it amazingly the way I want it to sound as it is. I think I will have to sit-in in a creative writing class next term, don't you think? Section C31 every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 1540 to 1640. Haha!

Hmm... let me try it once more. This time I'll keep it simple and straight.

We met and shared each others stories and dreams;
We accepted one's strengths and weaknesses;
Grew together and dwelt with each other's fantasies;
Endured and triumphed the weeks in KFC altogether;
Showered love, encouragement and faith to one another.

Thank you for the gift of friendship.
It has been and will always be a pleasure having you on board.
Promise me we'll keep our bond forever.
Wherever our destinies bring us, whether be sleepless nights or not,
sa SGV man o hindi,we'll stick like kending malagkit!

Cheers for Irene, Ayan and Lin!


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