Friday, December 30, 2005

woRd of the m0nth


n. Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Monday. My law professor cancelled our class so I decided to waste my time in a laboratory. On my way, I remember Tina telling me that she once saw him in a corridor during this time of the day so I went "sana makasalubong ko siya, sana makasalubong ko siya..." and yes, our paths met.

2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.

Friday. It was the last regular day and I'm all 'Huhuhu, I won't see him anymore na.. huhuhu". Feeling really down, as I was entering the room of my next class, Tina hissed so I looked around and whoa! Guess who's in a blue business suit looking verrrry gorgeous??? HIM! And all this time I'm wondering how will he look in a smart attire! Too good for my supposed to be sad day!

3. An instance of making such a discovery.

Wednesday. After my ECONTWO final examination, I proceeded to the computer laboratory on 3rd floor to do a paper. The nature called me so I entertained its call and went out for the powder room. "Won't see him, exams have already started", I thought. But as I straightened my look, there he is, looking flushed but still stunning. He must have ran all the way up to 3rd floor-- but ofcourse he had. He's already late for his exam!


Tuesday. We were about to leave the gates of De La Salle University after this tiring course card day without any sight of him but as soon as we approached the ID machines, there he was with his pals, waiting for whomever. No, I did not pray this time, in fact, I was kind of hoping not to see him for a daring reason. But what happened? I was still able to get a glimpse of him. Hmmm...
(Thank you Erik for accounting what you have eavesdropped, I was able to put him off my mind. NOT.)

So what can I say? The last one can't be counted as a serendipity, rather a mere coincidence. We happen to be in the same exit at the same time. That's all. The rest? I don't care. (ching!)


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