Friday, December 30, 2005

my sad dRess

Pinning for you I

I'm in pain these days, you know.
You said you want space, fine.
How long could I stop myself though, I don't know.

I'm trying, you see.
Though it tears me apart badly.
I happen to have a strong-willed heart, can't you see?

Foolish heart, stupid love... whatever they call it, here I go again.


Pinning for you II

I love your eyes,
the way they speak when they meet mine.

You're unbelievably cute,
your lips are just inches away, I can easily reach for it.

You remind me of my humble beginnings,
with your baby looks and porma.

Your smile melts my cold heart,
while your suave hair strikes me.

I fell, speechless and all
the time you appeared at the door.

You're just too good to be true,
And I'm stupidly into you.


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